DriveItNow is powered by truPayments, a patent-pending proprietary technology of Automobile Consumer Services, Inc. (ACS).


DriveItNow is built on over 25 years of experience in selling to online shoppers, starting back in the '80s with dial-up computer bulletin boards, Compuserve and then the Internet.

ACS was the first to market with online payment technology with the launch of in 2000. This service allows online shoppers to instantly compare lease and loan payments using real bank finance programs and allows the shopper to self credit. was an instant hit with consumers who were shopping for vehicles based on a monthly payment. The service continues to be one of the top online destinations for financing and leasing with over 60,000 unique visitors a month, virtually all coming from organic search.

In 2007 development began for a monthly payment marketing service that dealers could use on their own websites and eBay auctions. Initially launched as LeaseItNow to quote lease payments, the service was modified to include financing and officially re-launched in 2010 as DriveItNow.

DriveItNow has dramatically changed the way online shoppers interact with online sellers and provides some of the highest closing ratios of any lead generation tool on the market.

Dealers are consistently closing 20-60% of the DriveItNow leads they receive, while increasing their number of scheduled sales appointments and actual lead volume.

Dealers are seeing great results:

  • Lead volume up 25%–40%
  • Lead engagement 75%
  • Appointment-to-show 80%
  • Lead-to-close ratios 20%
  • Front-end profit up 25%
  • Back-end profit up 33%
Similar is NOT the Same...
when quoting monthly payments on your website
Some vendors in the industry claim to offer a product similar to DriveItNow.
Similar is NOT the same. Contact us to get the scoop on why so many companies are now trying to imitate us.